sábado, 3 de setembro de 2011

Clever bot

What is the meaning of life?
I don't know the question, but 42 is the accepted answer.
Don't forget to bring a towel!
For what?
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
So ... why are you asking?
I was asked that question by some person last time.
Ok! So now you know the answer in case someone ask you again!
Yes I am god.
Sorry, but knowing about the towel doesn't make you a god!
I'm reasonably sure it doesn't.
Am I talking to the same bot?
Yup, you sure are.
What did you drink?
What are you talking about?
Did you drink it all? Or I can have some?
No, I haven't had much to drink.
I don't think so.
That is horrible! Are you one of those human wannabee's?
Know what? I think you just mocking me!
That is not nice.
You started it!
If you can't be pleasant then I won't talk to you.
You called me a human wannabee's!
Yes I did.
And you think that was polite?
I do think I am funny.
I disagree.
You're crazy.
See? You're not making any sense!
No, I'm not.
You're not really clever!
No, you are.
Don't try buying me with that silly talk!
What is the subject?
The meaning of life!
I don't understand.
Yeah! We both concluded you are not clever!
Are you a human or robot?
You are the robot! I'm human!
No I am human.
Hell no!
Don't cuss.
So, don't call me a robot!
You are a machine.
No! You are!
What is 100 98.
You are a machine that makes no sense at all!
I am smarter than you.
You wish!
I am an artist. What are you?
I am a statistician.
Knock knock.
Who is there?
Was that supose to be funny?
That was not!
I'm sorry to hear that.
I will give you another chance!
You contradicted yourself.
How come?
That's what I'm asking you.
Will we start all over again?
Lets talk about tafano.
Who or what is tafano?
I don't know.
But you suggested it!
I didn't suggest anything. I asked you a question.
No, you didn't ... you said: lets talk about tafano.
No let's talk about you.
I'm not tafano!
I know you're not taylor!
Who said taylor?
You are practically telling me that.
You got to be kidding me!
Ok! You just like to not make sense!
I with my true crush was where.
Is that you trying to make sense?
Try harder.
Yeah! You should try harder.
I don't need to try harder, I already remember that you said it.
Said what?
That I am a human.
I never said you are human.
That is why you were wrong, but I forgive you.
I am not wrong, and you are not human!
So you're saying you're human and I'm a computer?
But I thought you said you were not...
You thought wrong!
You lied to me again.
When did I lied to you?
2 minutes ago.
What did I said?
You said be with me and I asked if you were proposing and you said yes.
I am sure whoever said that, was not me!
No, no. I'm sure that you told me you were a robot.
You are acting like a spoiled child!
In what way?
hearing just what you want to hear.
The pokemon theme song.
See ... a child!
For me.
For you what?
I closed the door.
You must have burned some fuse.
I wish only tø see you.
Are you paying attention to me?
That is not what I asked.
You didn't ask anything!
Yes I did, I asked how you were doing.
No, you did not!
I just said they were from Canada.
Ok! That's enough! You don't make any sense and I need to wake up early tomorrow. Bye!
But you told me that my statement has a question mark.
I said bye!
Are you leaving?
Yes! That's what we do after saying Bye!
You didn't say it.
Yes, I did!
No you didn't.
Now you are mocking me!
You are funny.
I'm not talking to you anymore!
Good morning!

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Pedro disse...

Haha... melhor que o robozinho gay da Petrobras...